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The purpose of this work was to carry out a comprehensive study on the idealization, development and use of the EE-9 Cascavel, during its more than 40 years in service in several fights and wars around the world, and this work, developed in the present book , does not intend to exhaust the matter, even though some of the conflicts analyzed have not come to an end, and will still last, but the use of the EE-9 Cascavel will continue, remaining in service for a long period.

There have been many difficulties in its elaboration, the great amount of information that is currently produced, both in conventional media (Books, Magazines, Photographs, Documents, etc …) and in electronic media (Blogs, Facebooks, Youtube, Twitter, etc.). requires a detailed and thorough treatment so that there is no significant loss of information, together with the complication of the numerous languages ​​involved, due to the use of the vehicle in several countries, mainly Arabic, Persian and Kurdish, but these deficulties weere overcome. This wide range of existing information on the subject we approached astonished us, even though we focused on just one 6×6 armored vehicle model, which was the EE-9 Cascavel.

For more than a year and a half, monitoring the large amount of information produced, stored and analyzed daily, mainly in videos produced, Blogs, Facebook, Discussion Forums and more technical analysis in the specialized area, it was possible to follow and study some of the major operations in the Libyan and Iraqi civil war, covered by numerous local TV stations, in their daily lives. We can practically say that there is a parallel world far from our daily reality, with information that will never appear in the Western media, including studies that thoroughly analyze particularities that are not even mentioned or known in the civil and military defense media here.

The most interesting is that for a vehicle conceived, developed and produced more than 40 years ago, whose project began within the Brazilian Army, designed by its engineers and military technicians, in the early 1970s, produced a prototype, tested and soon afterwards produced a pre-series. Thee vehicles were again tested in the harshest conditions and immediately passed on to a private industry that produced them serialy on a wide industrial scale by the standards at the time, not getting far behind its competitors and congeners whose production scale was in many cases below its own.

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